Wealth Management

Santa Maria Law Firm assists its clients in planning and managing their family wealth, in order to maximize the efficiency of family business in both organizational and economic terms.

By virtue of the strong collaboration among the members of the different teams, the Firm has gained a consolidated experience in the management of any legal issue related to asset planning, providing assistance in sophisticated investment and/or reorganization operations aimed at: (i) maintaining the size and profitability of family assets in the long-term; (ii) supervising and encouraging the transfer of those assets and businesses;(iii) managing, jointly and effectively, liquidity, real estate properties and shareholdings; (iv) providing support in the event of restructuring of corporate debts.

To this purpose, the Firm advises its clients by proposing them ad hoc strategic solutions through the use of both traditional instruments, such as funds or fiduciary mandates, and more sophisticated mechanisms, like the creation of corporate vehicles and the use of trust, analysing in detail any potential legal issue related to the coordination between legal systems and different jurisdictions.


Included capabilities

  • Protection, planning, management and governance of family wealth and business
  • Intra-generational transfers of family assets
  • Support in the use of ad hoc financial instruments and corporate vehicles
  • Joint management of liquidity, real estate property and shareholdings